Top 10 Ugliest Jamaican Dancehall Artists

2. Tanto Blacks (Ugliest Jamaican Dancehall Artists)

Oh yeah! This list can never be complete without Tanto Blacks.

He is very black and one of the Ugliest in the music industry.

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1. Yellow man (Ugliest Jamaican Dancehall Artists)

Ugliest Jamaican Dancehall Artists

Yellow man use to be Jamaica’s version of Michael Jackson. He was very handsome back in his youthful ages.

I won’t say he is ugly because problems were all caused by his sickness.

He is featured here because I want you to know he is not ugly.

Well that is all for top 10 Ugliest Jamaican Dancehall Artists.


This is not a mockery article, it is just a fun article from the author to the audience. Every man is ugly in one way or the other and so is the author of this article.

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