2020 Top 10 Best International Schools in Jersey

4. Hautlieu School

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Hautlieu School, or simply Hautlieu, is a secondary school in Jersey which accepts students aged 14 and over. The school is owned and operated by the States of Jersey.

During the academic year 2004/2005 the GCSE pass rate was 100%, at which 40% gained A* to A grades. At A level there was an 87% pass rate of which 79% obtained grades A-C. Admission into Hautlieu depends on the result of CAT, Cognitive Abilities Test, exams with a minimum result of 109. It is, however, possible for determined students who have not achieved the necessary CAT score to appeal.

Over the years it has been suggested by politicians that Hautlieu should be converted to a sixth-form college and the 14+ system (which some regard as controversial) be abolished.

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