All New: 2021 Top 8 Richest People in Kiribati

3. Taneti Mamau

Taneti Mamau, born 16 September 1960 in Onotoa, is the President of Kiribati. He began his term on March 11, 2016.

He was the single opposition candidate for the 2016 presidential election, where he was supported by the new coalition of the Tobwaan Kiribati Party.

He received the support of the former president Teburoro Tito, the predecessor of Anote Tong (who was president for 12 years, the maximum authorised by the constitution). Mwamwau was re-elected a member of the Maneaba ni Maungatabu (parliament) in December 2015 in Onotoa, his hometown. Previously, he was the Finance Minister under President Tito.

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