All New: 2021 Top 8 Richest People in Kiribati

This article describes the 2021 top 8 richest people in Kiribati and how they made their wealth. This list brought to you once again by Top Most 10 is made up of politicians and businessmen who participate in the management of the country.

Here are the 2021 top 8 Richest People in Kiribati

8. Teima Onorio

Teima Onorio is an I-Kiribati politician who has been a Member of the House of Assembly since 1998. She served as Vice President of Kiribati from 2003 to 2016.

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Onorio served as Member of Parliament for the Arorae constituency from 1998 to 2002. She has also held the post of Minister for Internal and Social Affairs since 2012. She was Minister for Education, Youth and Sports Development from 2003 to 2007, before heading the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives from 2007 to 2008 and then returning to Education, Youth and Sports Development from 2008 to 2012.

As Vice-President of Kiribati, she has represented the Alliance of Small Island States at the United Nations, speaking on the topic of climate change.

President Anote Tong reappointed Onorio to a third consecutive term as Vice President on January 19, 2012, as part of his cabinet appointees. She was sworn into office for her third term on the 19th January 2012


7. Tion Otang

Tion Otang is a politician of Kiribati. On March 28, 2003, Teburoro Tito, President of Kiribati was removed from power by a motion of no confidence in the House of Assembly of Kiribati. Otang became acting President as chairman of the Public Service Commission. He remained in power until July, 2003 when replaced by newly elected Anote Tong.

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