2022 Ranking of the Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Jamaica

2022 Ranking of the top 10 best Secondary Schools in Jamaica is outlined in this article by your favourite blog Top Most 10. The rankings are based on the performance of schools in obtaining five (5) or more subjects in the most recent CSEC examinations.

The figures are calculated based on each secondary school enabling their cohort at the end of their 5 years of statutory education, to leave grade 11 with a minimum of five (5) subjects which includes English and/or Mathematics in the CSEC examinations.

Here are the 2022 ranking of the top 10 best Secondary schools in Jamaica

Montego Bay High School (also known as Montego Bay High School for Girls) is an all-girls high school in Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica. The school was established in 1935. It was the first government-owned high school for girls established in the country. The school is owned by the Ministry of Education and administered by a local Board of Management.

This girls school has over the years groomed many successful young ladies. Montego Bay High School has received awards on several occasions for best performance in CXC examinations.

The school has maintained a record of academic excellence and the results in external examinations regularly exceed the national average. On several occasions, students have been awarded for outstanding performance in the CXC examinations. The sixth form ‘A’ Level classes and the Commercial Sixth were transferred to the Montego Bay Community College when it opened in 1978.  However, the 6th form was reintroduced in September of 2014. The school boasts an exceptionally strong program of extra-curricular activities and musical aptitude spearheaded by some the most of dedicated teachers in Jamaica. 

Address: 51 Union Street, Montego Bay, Jamaica


9. Wolmer’s Girls School

Wolmer’s Girls School is also part of the Wolmer’s Schools. The school consists of a Pre-School, a Preparatory school, a high school for girls, and another high school for boys only.

This school accepts students from all over the Caribbean and gives them quality education. It is one of the best girls’ schools in Jamaica when it comes to academic performance.

It has always been known that Wolmer’s girls’ school is ranked in the top ten high schools on the island.

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