Top 10 Interesting Things about Puerto Rico’s Best Boxers that You must Know

9. A teenage Olympian that became a legend

Wilfredo “Bazooka” Gomez is known for winning 3 titles in different weight classes, finishing his career with 44 wins, 42 of them knockouts. What many may not know however, is that he competed in the 1972 Olympics, as a 15 year-old, before boxing professionally. Gomez lost as a youngster at the Olympic Games but that clearly didn’t hold him back.

8. The first (and only) to win 4 different weight division Titles

As the only Puerto Rican boxer to win 4 titles in 4 weight divisions, Miguel Cotto’s successful title record will be very difficult to beat for any future fighters. His first world championship was won in 2004 against Kelson Pinto. Ten years later in 2014, Cotto achieved his fourth title in a fourth weight division, in a fight against Sergio Martinez.

Miguel Cotto

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