Top 10 Interesting Things about Puerto Rico’s Best Boxers that You must Know

5. The Puerto Rican boxing all over the world

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Today many major boxing matches are fought in flashy U.S. cities like Las Vegas and New York City, but Puerto Rican boxer Carlos Ortiz fought all over the world. During his time as a professional fighter in the 1950’s and ‘60’s, Ortiz met his opponents in Britain, Italy, the Philippines, and Mexico, among other destinations outside of the United States. At a time when transportation wasn’t as advanced as it is today, Ortiz went the extra mile.

4. The accident that almost stopped a future champion

Towards the beginning of his fighting career, Miguel Cotto suffered a car accident in Puerto Rico that left him with a broken hand and shoulder. Cotto had fallen asleep at the wheel while driving to a gym and drove into a concrete wall, and while his injuries were serious, he went on to achieve what no Puerto Rican boxer had ever done before.

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