Top 10 Interesting Things about Puerto Rico’s Best Boxers that You must Know

3. A loss for one Puerto Rican is another’s gain

A notable win for Felix “Tito” Trinidad came against fellow Puerto Rican Hector “Macho” Camacho, another boxer on this list. The fight which Trinidad won by unanimous decision, took place in January of 1994, and garnered unprecedented attention for Trinidad. Approximately 5 years later, the victorious Trinidad was defending a title and Camacho had suffered more losses.

Tito Trinidad

2.The youngest world champion

Wilfred Benitez became the youngest boxing world champion after defeating Antonio Cervantes in 1976, at an age when most people are still in school and can’t legally drink in the U.S., Benitez was just 17 years old. That victory was one of three world titles he would go on to win in 3 different weight divisions.

3. Puerto Rico and Mexico’s boxing rivalry

Among Latin American countries, Puerto Rico and Mexico have produced great boxers at different weight divisions. As a result, many of Puerto Rico’s best boxers have had high profile fights against some of the best Mexican boxers over the years, including Oscar de la Hoya and Salvador Sanchez.

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