Top 10 Biggest Hotels in the World 2018: and their number of rooms

5. The Wynn & Encore, Las Vegas – 4,748 Rooms

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Sister hotels Wynn and Encore may be less than 10 years old, with Wynn opening its doors in 2005 and Encore starting its operations in 2008. However, both hotels found significant success especially in the luxury accommodations market. Fronting Mandalay Bay, the Wynn and Encore has a combined total of 4,748 rooms, all of them branded as “Gold List” Suites. Aside from the usual features found in a typical high end Las Vegas hotel, the Wynn has an 18-hole golf course as well as a Ferrari dealership. Staying in either hotel will cost you $120 per night at least.

4. Disney All-Star Resorts, Orlando – 5,658 Rooms

biggest hotels

Theme parks may be the farthest from anyone’s mind when discussing hotels, but the Disney All-Star Resort in Orlando, Florida is an exception. This particular Disney theme park is three resorts all combined into one, with each having its own theme. Disney’s All-star Sports Resort, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, and Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. The room total from all resorts amounts to 5,658, with the lowest priced suite pegged at $120 a night. If you want a great time with your kids, then this hotel is a nice option for you.

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