Top 10 Richest People in Kazakhstan and their Net Worth in July 2018

Topmost10 outlines the top 10 Richest people in Kazakhstan, their source of wealth and their Net worth in July, 2018.

Well rich people inspire not just because they are rich but also how they became rich. We may not go into the stories of these 5 people’s success path but we will definitely see where they stand today. And then probably you can go and search for their story on your own. This whole exercise can be quite fascinating even if you just read the names of these individuals. Because often only successful people names are searched and talked about. Kazakhstan being a growing economy in Asian region and world over richest people or businessmen and businesswomen of Kazakhstan open the door of prosperity and investment into the region.

10. Bakhytbek Baiseitov

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Age: 58

Net Worth: $ 4.49 Million

Source of Wealth: Finance, Investment and Oil

Education: Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

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