Top 10 Richest People in Kazakhstan and their Net Worth in July 2018

3. Timur Kalibaev

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Net Worth: $ 2.2 Billion

Source of Wealth: Diversified Business

In 1992, Timur Kulibaev created the company Altyn Alma to engage in financial and investment activities; it later morphed into Almex LLP. An investment in mobile service paid off in 2004, when a company he controlled sold Kar-Tel, operating in Kazakhstan, to VimpleCom for $350 million. In 2014, he sold Altynalmas Gold to Polymetal, part-owned by Russian billionaire Alexander Nesis, for cash and company shares. Kulibaev and his wife, Dinara, own a majority stake in Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan. It is their most valuable investment. Forbes assumes all of Kulibaev’s assets are owned 50/50 with Dinara, giving them equal net worth.

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