Top 5 Best Secondary Schools in Dubai 2018

2. St. Mary’s Catholic High School – Dubai
Curriculum: UK
Teacher turnover: 1%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:14
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What the KHDA says in 2018: St Mary’s Catholic High School has one of the lowest teacher turnover rates in Dubai and this continuity in teaching has allowed the school to offer a consistent approach that had maintained the school’s Good rating over the last five years.

Its latest report notes in regards to English, “by Year 11, [students] have developed a deep understanding of the strategies writers use to convey meaning and are able to provide evidence in the text to support their opinions.

Most students can express their ideas, viewpoints and arguments clearly and cogently. Math and science also shows similar progression in student achievement.”

What says: St. Mary’s Catholic High School is a Dubai staple, having been established in 1968. The school offers high quality education at extremely affordable fees, with Year 13 costing AED 13,138.

Although the school could improve in regards to teaching and assessment, students who graduate from St Mary’s are innovative, community oriented, and globally minded. Students make good progress which is one of the main reasons that WSA has put this school on this list.

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