Top 10 Best Universities in Australia 2017

There are 37 Australian universities now ranked among the world’s best universities in the 2017/2018 edition of QS world university rankings, two more than last year. That is two more than last year’s edition. Seven of these are in the top 100, while a further ten are in the top 300. Below is the list […]

Top 10 Biggest Brands In Malaysia

Below are the top 10 biggest brands in Malaysia   1. PETRONAS Petronas, short for petroliam nasional berhad (malaysian national petroleum company, limited), is a Malaysian oil and gas company that was founded on 17 august 1974. Wholly owned by the government of Malaysia, the corporation is vested with the entire oil and gas resources in Malaysia and is entrusted with the […]

Top 7 Islands in Kuwait

There are nine islands off the mainland coast which fall under the jurisdictions of Kuwait And here are the Top 7 1. FAILAKA The island of Failaka which is pronounced ‘Failacha’ in the local dialect, is the most beautiful and most known of Kuwait’s island. It combines the ancient history of Kuwait, dating back to […]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Destinations in Kuwait

Kuwait exudes the charm of Arabian adventure, and therefore, the travelers find plenty of things to do in Kuwait. Apart from enjoying magnificent accommodation and fine dining, there are plenty of things for visitors to do in Kuwait. Here are the 10 most beautiful destinations to visit in Kuwait.


The best luxury hotels in Singapore comprise a whole host of famous, internationally renowned names, as well as a few you may not instantly recognize: Check out our Top 10 Luxury Hotels listings to find out just where the gems and sapphires of the hospitality industry are in Singapore. Expect the best and you won’t […]